Get Rid Of Dark Skin


Dark skin patches cause great discomfort, embarrassment, and may even make you less attractive. Excessive melanin and prolonged exposure to sunlight in parts like the anus and underarms often leads to dark skin. When it comes to the genital area, you can make use of bleaching creams or gel to get rid of the dark skin.

It is imperative to know that dark skin is not primarily faced by white skin people only as the condition can be present in any skin coloring. Here are some of the top and efficient ways to get rid of dark skin:

Use skin-lightening solutions

There are lots of creams and other cosmetic products in the market that are designed for use in removing dark skin and spots. These creams are formulated using ingredients that are known to possess great skin lightening properties. Some of these ingredients include tretinoin, azelaic chemical, and hydroquinone.


When purchasing skin lightening creams, it is important to be cautious so that you only purchase the creams that are professionally developed. This is because there are creams that are sub-standard and of low quality. Such creams and solutions are known to have severe side effects on the skin.

Use chemical peel offs

Mostly, dark skin damage is usually superficial thus making it easy and possible to treat using chemical peel offs. Inorganic peels when used with alpha-hydroxyl acids make it possible to treat this type of skin impairment. These peels work under a principle of burning the dark skin (damaged top layer) to reveal a finer, softer and an undamaged skin tone. If you are not sure on how these peels are used, it is advisable to seek professional guidance and help from qualified dermatologists on the use of the peel offs. When used wrongly or excessively, the peel offs can cause chemical burns on the skin.

Avoid excessive exposure to the sun

Since exposing your skin to the sun for long duration causes dark skin patches, it is necessary to limit your skin’s exposure to direct sunlight. When the skin is excessively exposed to the sun it triggers production of melanin in great amounts to provide a protective layer on the skin. As such, shielding the skin from too much sunlight may help in getting rid of dark skin especially in the face. You can also consider using sunscreen protection to prevent the skin from darkening due to UV rays from the sun.

Homemade pasta

dhd84Homemade pasta that is made from a combination of lemon juice, tomato, and sandalwood powder can also be used for removing dark skin. Allow the pasta to dry completely before you rinse water to remove dark skin and whiten the skin. If the dark patches on your skin are caused by sunburns, you should use turmeric instead of lemon juice for excellent bleaching results. Raw potatoes are also an efficient remedy for removing dark skin.

While there are some ways to get rid of dark skin that work best for some people, there are people who do not see any noticeable changes in their skin complexion while using the same remedies. This is because people have different skins; there are some skins that respond faster to specific remedies while others don’t.