Maintain White Teeth With These Tips

white smile

You know what; a bright white smile is not only great but apparently your key to getting a date. In a survey of dating and white teeth, 71% of those surveyed said they first look at the teeth of whoever they want to date. And that is not all, that great white smile could get you free passes into a lot of good things. Just to keep you in the loop, you should maintain white teeth with these tips:

Change your toothbrush after every three months

Correct toothbrushAccording to dentists, the reason why you never have those white teeth could be your brush. You are better throwing away your old toothbrush and buying a new one. It is advisable you swap your toothbrush after three months or after the front bristles start to show signs of wearing out. Just like an old broom does not sweep well, an old toothbrush does a shoddy job.

Rinse your teeth with fresh water after eating acidic fruits

Lemons, oranges and the likes are great sources of vitamin C. However; they leave lots of acid on your teeth enamel. If left there, they erode parts of your teeth enamel thus becoming easy to stain. Since you cannot stop eating these juicy fruits, you should immediately rinse your mouth with fresh water.

Munch raw veggies and fruits

Raw veggies and fruits with a crunchy feel are not only good for your health but also for your teeth. Develop a habit of eating raw cauliflowers, carrots, and apples. The crunchiness will remove all loose stains and other particles that could lead to cavities. It is also another easy way to keep strong teeth.

Slow down on the carbonated drinks

Stained and white teethThe taste of a cold soda on a hot day is one you cannot shake off. But you may have to be cautious about how often you guzzle these drinks. Carbonated drinks contain some portion of acid. Taking it more often will slowly wear out your teeth enamel. It will be easy for tooth cavities to set in and stains to form. In their place, water would be a great substitute.

Avoid dark foods

Soy sauce and blueberries may be too yummy to resist buy you may have no option to. According to dentists, foods with dark pigmentation cause teeth staining. The more you take them, the more you can say goodbye to white teeth. There are plenty of other food choices without this affinity to stain, go for them and be sure of that alluring white smile.

Visit a dentist at least once a year

You do not necessarily need a reason to pop into your dentist’s office. It is normal to go for a checkup when you have the chance. You may think that you have perfect oral health, but that is not always the case. See your dentist at least once in a year just to make sure you are okay.

Well, you now have your key to white teeth. Keep the white smile going around with these easy tips. You do not have to struggle much for any of them, do you?