Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Smaller

make up

Black shows no light and will diminish! The white color of an evening dress makes the body broader and more complete. Thus, comparing the colors of the clothing to makeup is nearly the same. Watching korean makeup tutorial will help you some techniques and tricks to look fantastic and beautiful.Here are the simple tips to achieve your main goal.

Put Premier

Make-upChoose a cream foundation if you have dry skin. Women with oily skin may have better results. Use this foundation with a powder that you apply with your fingertips before applying eye shadow and eyeliner brush. The colors for this are navy blue. Avoid colors like ivory if you want your eyes to look younger.

It makes your lashes look fuller and fuller. As with the dark and deep color palette, use any color you want. Although stone tones complement some, earth tones are suitable for skin tones. To achieve this, you should wear a color or plum during the day. At night, you can get a sensual look at the sea.

Tightening Your Eyelid

Applying dark eye shadow is also an essential step when trying to minimize oversized eyelids. We use colors to emphasize the area, also reducing the width of the eyelid and height. To achieve this result, apply contrasting colors that are soft and then apply to the corners.


This step is optional, but it will be useful if you have “tired” eyes that are swept away or maybe almond-shaped. Nothing will leave you more exhausted or disinterested.

Apply Eyeliner

Ask for a liquid eyeliner pencil (or wax and gel or eye cream) and apply it to the upper eyelash line, extending the color 1/4 inch beyond where the eyebrow ends. Look carefully at the center and outer lashes.

Apply Curl Lashes and Mascara

Curl lashes can lift the eye area, reduce the height of the eyelid, and make the outer corners of the eye look upward. Eyelash mascara keeps the lash line upright and provides a comfortable feeling. You can reach an eye that looks flatter in blends and facial skin. Following these steps will reduce the vivacity and attention of the eyelids. Go out there and show it!